Are bonnie and jeremy dating

are bonnie and jeremy dating

What's next for Bonnie's love life? Well, we know she's celebrating a birthday on the Feb. 5 episode and we know she's returning to Mystic Falls. Jeremy and Bonnie grew up together in Mystic Falls. Jeremy's Started Dating Bonnie and Jeremy were able to declare their love for each other and finally. Plus, how far will Bonnie let Shane push her? Kat opens up about all that and Jeremy's tank tops. The Vampire Diaries' fourth season has.

are bonnie and jeremy dating

are bonnie and jeremy dating

Are Bonnie and Jeremy a Real Couple? :

are bonnie and jeremy dating

Despite this she slowly begins to fall for Damon again and the pair continue their romantic relationship. Jeremy's sister, Elena is Bonnie's best friends. Their relationship faces many threats when Stefan's brother, Damon, falls in love with Elena, and when Katherine comes back to Mystic Falls to win Stefan back. She does another spell that draws a lot of energy from her which makes her pass out and that's frightens Jeremy.


are bonnie and jeremy dating

Are bonnie and jeremy dating - Bonnie and Jeremy

Their relationship becomes strained when Stefan's brother, Damon, begins to fall for Elena, and when Katherine comes to town to win Stefan back. However, their love for each other prevailed. They later fall out of contact at the end of Season Two , when Stefan leaves town with Klaus to save his brother.

Elena spends the whole summer tracking Stefan down with the help of Damon and Alaric. Their relationship faces more problems when Klaus compels Stefan to turn his humanity off.

Despite this, Elena continues to fight for Stefan and reassure him of their love. At the end of Season Three , she decides to have Matt drive her back home for Stefan, leaving Damon to die. Before she is able to reach him, Rebekah causes Matt's car to crash on Wickery Bridge. Stefan comes to save a drowning Elena, but she begs him to save Matt first. Respecting her decision, he saves Matt and Elena dies from drowning.

She wakes up as a vampire in transition due to having Damon's blood in her system. Before completing her transition, Elena tells Stefan that she was coming back for him and that she will always love him. Their relationship lasts until the beginning of Season Four , when Stefan breaks up with Elena due to her heightened feelings for Damon.

She later discovers that this is due to the creation of a Sire Bond between her and Damon. The sire bond is later broken after she turns her humanity off in reaction to Jeremy's death and when confesses her love for Damon when she gets her humanity back. Stefan becomes heartbroken and decides to leave town. In Season Five , Elena has recurring dreams about Stefan and realizes that he was trapped in a safe all summer.

She leaves college to find him. After finding him, she discovers he has amnesia and tries to help him remember who he is. They almost kiss in For Whom the Bell Tolls , revealing that Elena still has some unresolved feelings for him. Elena is overjoyed after Stefan gets his memories back and they form a close friendship. They both were severely devastated after Damon's death in Home. In Season Six , Elena convinces Stefan to come back home and he teaches her how to "start over".

Elena and Stefan Known as: But in a flashback in The Departed , Damon remembered he saw Elena first when she was waiting for her parents at the night of their car accident.

After a while, she started to view Damon as self-centered and cruel, especially when she found out he continuously injured her friend, Caroline Forbes. She was horrified to discover that Damon was behind the attacks in Mystic Falls. She began to warm up to him as she got to know, but still kept her distance. After she was turned by Damon's blood she was sired to him.

Stefan ends his relationship with Elena because of her heightened for Damon. She is sired to him. Despite the sire bond, she feels her feelings for him are true and decides to start a relationship with him.

The sirebond was finally broken and Elena told Damon that she is in love with him. They start a relationship and lived together before Elena left for college. They later break up in season 5, but reunite before the season finale. However in the conclusion to the fifth series, Damon dies and Elena is left heartbroken, grieving his death.

At the beginning of season 6, Elena has resorted to drug induced hallucinations to keep Damon in her life. This proves to be extremely dangerous and so she asks Alaric to compel her love for Damon away. Upon Damon's arrival back from The Other Side. Elena wants nothing to do with him as she believes he is a monster. Soon the thought of the missing part of her life, drives her insane and she yearns for her memories back. Despite this she slowly begins to fall for Damon again and the pair continue their romantic relationship.

However Elena is soon put under a 'sleeping curse' of sorts, postponing their relationship until she wakes up again. Elena and Damon Known as: Delena Elena and Caroline are best friends. During Season 1 Caroline was mad at Elena because she knew that Matt was still in love with Elena and there was nothing she could do about that. But she gave Elena a peptalk at the Miss Mystic Falls competition. They became closer after Caroline became a vampire and Elena helped her to adapt to her new life.

Caroline and Elena have since become best friends again, along with Bonnie. They are no longer best friends due to Caroline judging Elena of choosing Damon, apart that Caroline told Stefan everything that happened between she and Damon, and that had as consequence Elena to treat Caroline in a rude way. Elena turned off her emotions and now Elena can't stand Caroline.

They were repairing their friendship during the end of Season 4. In Season 5, they are roommates in college and are closer than ever. Elena and Caroline Elena and Bonnie are best friends for life, Bonnie even said it herself, they're like sisters and she would die for Elena. They used to joke about Bonnie's "supernatural" powers until Bonnie found out she truly was a witch. As Elena continued to date Stefan, the two friends started drifting apart.

However, Jeremy turned to liquor after Bonnie's "death. It is later said by Enzo that she is a lovelorn witch, possibly referring to her awkward relationship status with Jeremy or he does not have romantic feelings for her anymore. Either way, Bonnie currently moved on from Jeremy romantically and was in a relationship with Enzo before his death. These two are referred to as "Beremy" by fans. Jeremy is also there and tells Bonnie: Alaric asks if the others really don't want him to be at the Masquerade Ball , and Stefan says: I need you to stay with Elena, I don't want her to know about this.

When Stefan asks if anyone wants to back out, no one wants to. It takes Bonnie the longest to reply, but she says she's with them, as long as nobody gets hurt except Katherine. Jeremy makes the first look At the Masquerade Ball , Jeremy is seen going upstairs with a bag in his hand, followed by Bonnie. They enter a room. Jeremy opens the bag and they take out weapons and the Grimoire. Bonnie explains the spell to Jeremy. She says she's only tried stuff that does good.

She doesn't really want to be a part of all of this. When Jeremy says being a witch must be cool, Bonnie says it's anything but that because of what she knows about what happened to her witch ancestors: Jeremy and Bonnie want to tell Stefan the room is ready, but on their way, Bonnie feels something and walks over to Lucy and asks her if they know each other.

Lucy says No and leaves. He asks her to dance while they are waiting, and Bonnie says "No! Jeremy looks a little hurt, and Bonnie says: He received a message from Damon, saying: Jeremy and Bonnie see that Elena's in pain then Bonnie does a spell to take some pain away from her friend.

Jeremy comes back to Bonnie and Elena and tells them Katherine had a witch on her side. Bonnie realizes it's Lucy, the mystery woman she got the vibe from, and runs away to find her. Jeremy walks over to her, saying he's going home and offers her a ride. She sees her face and asks if she's OK. She nods and asks him when he got his driver's license.

Jeremy laughs and tells him another. Using Jeremy's blood and a spell, Bonnie is able to locate Elena, miles away. Bonnie stays at the Gilbert house with Jeremy. She does another spell that draws a lot of energy from her which makes her pass out and that's frightens Jeremy.

When Bonnie wakes up, Jeremy offers her a glass of water and Bonnie tells Jeremy that witches also have weaknesses. Jeremy lets Bonnie sleep on his bed because she is exhausted. When Elena finally arrives home Bonnie and Jeremy give her a massive hug.

Bonnie and Jeremy are having a good laugh In Katerina , Bonnie walks and drops her books outside the school parking lot. Jeremy helps her pick them up and then asks her if she wanted to play billiard at the Grill. Bonnie agrees and then a new guy asks them if they know where the office is. Jeremy introduced Bonnie and himself to the new kid who is named Luka. Bonnie and Jeremy meet Luka, Jeremy ends up taking Luka up to the office. Bonnie steps into the grill but she can't find Jeremy. Luka and Jonas Luka's dad ask Bonnie if she will join them.

Jeremy comes over to Bonnie, Luka and Jonas and escorts Bonnie to the Billiard table and they start playing pool.