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[+93, -5] Hul, didn't Nana give them advice and stuff when they first started WGM? Reports say Hong Jonghyun and Nana have been dating for 7 months . there were this user on OH posting about chanyeol x Nana dating. Soo Hyun congratulates them and starts giving love advice. Min Woo Ga Yeon notices the phone cases and tells Soo Hyun and Chanyeol. Bom asks why and Nana says she knows Bom wouldn't date someone easily. KPoP Dating Rumors I'll put the possible years these rumored-to-be Chanyeol: IU (Had a past together way back when EXO debuted but SM forced . GDragon: Kiko Mizuhara (C) (), Nana Komatsu (:heart:).

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If given a chance to work together, I think Park Bom and Chanyeol could be close in a noona-dongsaeng or hoobae-sunbae kind of way.

I think they would be proud of knowing each other. Roommate is not so much realistic. Park Bom seems to have gained appreciation towards Chanyeol in an unromantic way. Again, Roommate is not so much realistic. The movie that was said to be prepared by Chanyeol and Kang Joon during their camping was obviously arranged by the Roommate staff.

When Lee Dongwook was having his fit of complaints about what they have showed of him, he was looking at the unseen staff and not at Chanyeol and Kang Joon. It was not clearly shown but Chanyeol gave each of the Roommate casts a cap from his collection during that camping thing.

Nana appears to be a little witty. My prediction of Min Woo getting aboard a new drama has come about. I think Nana was uncomfortable about that Balloon Popping game. Park Bom and Min Woo, despite their fake dating project, were obviously shy around each other.

When it was mentioned that Chanyeol has an older sister, I think many of the viewers of Roommate anticipate to see her. That is not exactly the case when Chanyeol is with EXO in other programs. Bom hilariously responds with "You just found that out now?

You're pretty and I'm ugly. Again Nana starts touching Bom's hair and calls her pretty this time. Once they get to the market, Bom and Nana are like litttle kids - telling Mama Shin what they want to buy and eat. A funny little incident occurred when Nana told the seller to also give our mom some to try. The look on Sung Woo's face was funny. They move through the market buying and tasting the various seafood. Sung Woo seems to be a hit with the sellers since the girl's were able to use his popularity to get discounts.

Before leaving the market, they had to stop for round worms. Bom is noticeably hesitant as she looks at the round worms. Sung Woo feeds her a piece and her mood changes. She actually really likes it. The crew eats it up while the auntie cuts up more. One small little scene I noticed was how Seung Woo would feed Bom, but when Nana tries to feed him a piece he motions for her to eat it instead.

He showed why he suited the nickname Mama Shin. Bom called to ask if he wanted anything at the market. He mentions what Kang Joon wanted to eat and ends the call.

Soo Hyun was quietly observing the scene. When they sit down for coffee, Soo Hyun mentions that they should have asked the other girls if they wanted anything at the bakery. Min Woo whips out his phone and calls Bom. He calls her "Bomna" and asked if she wanted anything at the bakery and ends the call. Soo Hyun bombards him with questions - Why did you only ask Bom what she wanted?

Do you like her? Are you two dating? All Min Woo could do is laugh and smile. To avoid answering these questions he gets up to buy what Bom wanted.

Now in the car, Soo Hyun asked if Min Woo has any worries. He said he had none, but then hypothetically asked what she would do if there was a couple in the house. Soo Hyun said she would congratulate the couple and take care of their day anniversary. Soo Hyun ask if the couple talk every night, which Min Woo responds that they don't, but they do talk frequently. Soo Hyun congratulates them and starts giving love advice.

Min Woo appreciates her words and says he'll come to her if he ever needed advice. Everyone has made it home. Bom and Min Woo have a meeting in Min Woo's room.

He gives her all of the matching couple items he bought- cell phone cases, hats, shirts, rings. As Bom leaves his room she runs into Chanyeol. In his interview, Chanyeol says he didn't think much of the hat she was wearing since Min Woo gives out hats to everyone.

While in the living room, Bom and Min Woo have an emergency meeting after they notice no one is catching on. Chanyeol walks by and ducks into the bathroom. Once it was only Chanyeol and Bom in the room, she asks him about his piano skills.

Chanyeol goes to the piano to play something for her. Min Woo joins in after changing into his matching couple's shirt. They strategically place their phones on the piano, but Chanyeol doesn't notice as he is concentrating on playing.

Then Bom places both phones next to Chanyeol's to see what he says, but again Chanyeol doesn't notice. Min Woo had to ask if Chanyeol noticed anything similiar.

He starts to notice all of the matching items and deducts they are a couple. Our duo tells him he is the first person they told and to keep it a secret. Chanyeol thanks them for telling him first. In his interview, Chanyeol said he didn't think much of the phones at first. He just thought Bom had two phones and had the same case for both because she liked the case. Everyone gathers in the kitchen and dining area. Ga Yeon notices the phone cases and tells Soo Hyun and Chanyeol.

She asks if this was for real to which Soo Hyun tells her to ask them. Ga Yeon appears happy about this and says they should help the couple get the overseas trip. Wei Qian Ya his friend from high school but rumors were later proven to be false Kris: Someone came forward and said that a friend of hers was dating Kris, Photos were leaked from his phone these rumors are said to be false and fabricated. Girlfriend story was taken from a fanfic apparently Lay: He admitted to having a GF before his debut C , he supposedly dated someone in whom "we've seen a lot" maybe an idol?

They mention each other very often and fans notice too Romantic text exchanges circulated online but He never confirmed or denied the rumors Youngjae: Girlfriend don't know if celebrity or not he admitted he's been in a relationship for 2 years. They met at academy where they would practice together.

He also admitted they shared kisses but not during practices. He broke up with her according to him. Her name was "Jenny" but relationship only lasted 20 days. No rumors yet Jongup: No rumors yet but is believed to be single rn Zelo: He says he's never had a gf lol how many idols have said this but turned out to be secretly dating.

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In her interview, she says that she thought Se Ho was going through a hard time since he wasn't his usual bright self. In his interview, Chanyeol says he didn't think much of the hat she was wearing since Min Woo gives out hats to everyone. He mentions what Kang Joon wanted to eat and ends the call.