Darlow and moule online dating

darlow and moule online dating

Results 1 - 20 of 20 by Horace Frederick Moule, Thomas Herbert Darlow and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at. 'Darlow and Moule' was used as a basis for new accessions to the library until the it into electronic format accessible online as one of the CUL special collections. It is basically a decimal system in which the area, language and date of the. 5 publications between and indexed. Sort by: typedate Darlow, T. H., and H. F. Moule, Historical catalogue of the printed editions.

darlow and moule online dating


An index linking the identifier to website entries is provided here. Bible Version Encyclopedia Title: Copyright , Images: This book includes information on about different versions. They are arranged alphabetically by the version name and several indices allow a person to quickly locate any entry. Most entries include short historical notes and brief details. A sample verse is included for many translations and bibliographic information on a representative example is also provided for many versions.

Unlike Hills and Herbert, this book focuses on translations, rather than physical books. This means it is more useful for someone interested in collecting translations and not books. One of the strengths of this volume is it provides information on many versions that are only available on-line.

It also provides information on the location of on-line facsimiles of hard to find versions. This is no longer available. More information is available here. Revised and Expanded from the Edition of T. Moule, by A. Cover , Title page Comment: The original catalogue included translations into many different languages; this book only contains the English language portion. It is arranged chronologically beginning with Tyndale's first New Testament fragment in and concludes with the New English Bible New Testament in But following this principle, the editions of William Bowyer and Edward Harwood have been omitted, along with such critical contributions as J.

For the pioneering editions of the sixteenth century, the user is referred to the companion microfiche set, Early Printed Bibles. It thus spans two centuries of scientific and technical advance, and of manuscript discoveries. The methods that textual scholars developed during this time are parallel to those that were formulated in the collection and classification of materials in the natural sciences; as in these branches of knowledge, the story continues to unfold.

These volumes thus chart a wider cultural and intellectual history. The selection of versional material is less comprehensive.

It has been confined to some of the largest and most valuable editions of the Syriac and Latin versions. The materials in Parts 3 and 4 have been chosen because of their scarcity, their continuing value for scholarly research, and their significance in the development of the discipline. It was only Lachmann and his successors who made available a critical text.

But in the way in which earlier scholars gathered their data, and often in their comments at the foot of the page, we may see how palaeography and textual criticism advanced to the point where the text itself could be revised on the basis of extensive knowledge and lengthy reflection.

For the reader who wishes to follow this story more carefully, there are a number of writers who have charted the lives and careers of the editors of the works within this collection. Foremost in interest is S. Then there is the lengthy account in the second volume of F.

A similar pattern is followed, more briefly but more recently by B. Ehrman, The Text of the New Testament. Its Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration, 4th ed. New York and Oxford, Two indispensable bibliographical works are also provided. The first is E.


darlow and moule online dating

Because the editorial decisions of scholars of the past continue to act as a guide and resource to successive generations of scholars. Roe see reference books catalogued online, below.

darlow and moule online dating