Dating and academic performance nutrition

dating and academic performance nutrition

and improved academic achievement of children and adolescents. Evidence shows that . School. □ Investing in healthy school nutrition environments and school physical activity programs. Districts .. Publication date: 05/ Cyclical Relationship Between Poor Nutrition and Educational Outcomes. Because academic performance influences future health, it's an important public .. To date, there's only one study that has examined the relationship between fruit and. Thirty studies dating back to were retrieved from the medical, psychological, educational, and social science literature. Healthy nutrition and team sports.

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A synapse is essentially the connection or bridge between neurons and aide in vital functions, such as learning, retention and memory. The article cites the importance of proper nutrition and highlights the dangers of too much junk food; excess caloric intake can disrupt the plasticity of the synaptic relays to neurons, and increase the chance of damage to cells by the creation of free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that play a part in aging, tissue damage, and possibly some diseases [ 5 ]. Using a cross-sectional survey, Zhang et al. The American diet is known to be high in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

The surveys looked to identify fat intake with cognitive and psychosocial functioning. The results of the surveys found that the consumption of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids PUFAs was associated with a decreased academic performance, while increasing cholesterol showed an increase in poor performance. The researchers also stated that their report had limitations; the cross-sectionalism of the report limited them from asserting causality, the possibility of inaccurate information supplied by the mothers in an effort to appease social desirability, as well as the limitation of having created anything but rough data in only a 24 hour diet recall period [ 6 ].

As Wood [ 3 ] found through a 21 week study that followed iron levels of volunteers with borderline anemia, low iron levels in children has a direct effect on the ability to pay attention to information. This information was used for both children with iron deficiency without anemia and children with iron deficiency with anemia. They differentiated between the two groups using a routine screening for hemoglobin levels, which indicates anemia when levels are below the amount calculated for each age group.

This equates to approximately 1. The limitations of the study are similar to those of Zhang et al. Secondly, smaller portions of available statistics for children with anemia may also have prevented the study from finding a larger association between anemia and cognitive scores. The effects of poor diet, as well as deficiencies in dietary intake, can be seen through the above studies. Weight, height, and Body Mass Index BMI were assessed in both kindergarten and 3rd grade, when the two studies took place.

Overall, there were 11, students for whom full data was available for both kindergarten and 3rd grade. Food insufficiency was measured by the quality and quantity of food supply within the previous 12 months. In order to measure academic performance, researchers administered direct assessments of math and reading skills individually and were calculated using Item Response Theory IRT.

The results of the longitudinal study showed that children from persistently food insufficient homes showed a smaller increase in both reading and mathematics performance than their more food secure counterparts, as well as a greater increase in BMI over the three years.

The researchers attempted to provide a hypothesis as to why there is an association between food insufficiency and academic performance; one being that a lower household income would affect the quality of the food purchased, and could lead to poorer health decisions, such as ingestion of fast food or foods filled with sugar and little nutritional value.

Another interesting hypothesis was that the stress from food insecurity could lead to an increase of cortisol levels, which has been related to depression, decreased cognitive functioning and the atrophy in synapses involved in learning and memory.

Their research found that food insufficient children and teenagers were more likely to miss school and to repeat a grade than food sufficient children. The study also showed the food insufficiency had both biological as well psychological effects on a child, some of which included micronutrient deficiencies, reduced food intake, and feelings of deprivation, stress, and worry. Their research found a strong link between lower income families and food insufficient children.

Coming from a lower income family, along with inhibiting the ability to eat healthfully, also affects the amount of health care a child can receive due to lack of affordable health care.

This can lead to an inability to diagnose iron deficiency, as well as malnutrition, in children [ 8 ]. Consequences Brown, Executive Director of the Center on Hunger and Poverty, reported evidence from research articles that support Alaimo et al. These include, poorer health-which leads to an increase in illness, infection, and iron deficiency, poorer academic performance—which, as shown by Alaimo et al.

It is important to note however that research as to the correlation between family income and obesity in children is still considered inconclusive [ 9 ].

As the literature discussed has shown, there is a relationship between academic performance and food insufficiency. The effects that government programs have on lessening the academic gap created by improper nutrition is invaluable. The results showed that the USBP increased nutrient intake for the students, which also increased cognitive functioning and decreased absenteeism [ 10 ]. Omri went up from Gibbethon, and all Israel with him, and they besieged Tirzah.

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dating and academic performance nutrition