Lewis and hannah dating yogscast martyn

lewis and hannah dating yogscast martyn

Hannah Rutherford, under the username Lomadia, is a Content Producer for the YouTube Content Producer at Yogscast Ltd Hannah used to date Lewis. . ( Sips), Hannah Rutherford (Lomadia), Kim Richards (NanoSounds), Martyn. My fake best friend, Hannah from Yogscast Fake Best Friends, Best Games, Top to bottom: Ridgedog, Nilesy, Rythian and Zoey, Martyn, Sips and Sjin. Known for her AAA gaming series, Hannah enjoys all manner of exciting and Welcome to the wonderful world of Sips and Lewis. YOGSCAST Martyn.

lewis and hannah dating yogscast martyn

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Are lewis and hannah dating yogscast

Lewis and hannah dating yogscast martyn - *snort* well that took about five seconds

When not playing the latest games, Hannah is usually posting pictures of cats on Twitter or streaming! Welcome to the wonderful world of Sips and Lewis. A fantastic guy and a man who likes gin team up to add a little dragon into your world. Hold on to your butts. Martyn shines through the offices like beams of heavenly light. Renowned throughout YouTube as the caring face of gaming with the biggest inbox ever.

If you know what I mean. Pokemon Master, Mario Kart Expert and all-round gamer. You'll find a wide variety of content on his channel! YouTube Channel Civilization We thought we'd bring together all of our Civilization 5 series into one place for your viewing pleasure as well as other 4x games! With multiple seasons full of tense diplomatic strategy, stolen workers, and overcoming the greatest enemy of them all Make sure to subscribe for Civ VI and more games to come!

Hat Films Ross Hornby, Chris Trott and Alex Smith make up the terrible trio of Hat Films, who produce high quality entertainment and low quality descriptions of themselves. Said fan eventually wrote back to say they'd passed the year , with Hannah eagerly congratulating them on their success. After a group of well-meaning but misguided fans announced their plan to all meet Zoey Proasheck at a gay pride parade, Zoey quite understandably panicked slightly and begged fans not to do this as it would worsen her social anxiety.

Hannah reblogged her post to try and back her up. She's also defended Zoey many times since, particularly when a group of so-called "fans" have told her to exclude Fiona from videos or break up with her. Backing up Katie Trott's girlfriend after she got abused during a stream.

Apologising to a fan blog after she accidentally accused them of putting slash in the main tag. Her playthrough of Detroit: Become Human is full of these, but the clearest example comes when, after not finding a certain clue and ending up getting Connor killed, as well as making the wrong choice and getting Luther killed, she goes against her normal playthrough rules and replays those parts to save them, ending in her getting almost the best ending.

It all comes down to her two last words in the playthrough, spoken through happy, emotional tears as Hank pulls Connor in for a hug: Even her sacrificing Jerry to save Kara, Luther and Alice is one of these.

While she was mistaken about what would happen if she made a certain other choice she insists that if you don't sacrifice anyone or yourself you end up in a recycling plant, which is partially incorrect - her playthrough had Markus protesting peacefully, which means everyone could have gotten through safely and survived if she picked "sacrifice nobody" , but she is very conflicted about it and says that she will keep the character in her heart and memory because of it.

She actually keeps her word, too, naming her first dinosaur in Jurassic World: Has been getting one of these after she and Kaeyi In The Little Wood 's then-girlfriend started getting into disagreements. The first came after Hannah called out Kaeyi for accidentally spoiling certain things about the World of Warcraft playthrough, and the second came when she politely pointed out to Kaeyi that the cosmetics she was using MAC were not vegan Kaeyi is a staunch vegan - Kaeyi promptly called Hannah out on Twitter and caused a minor fandom rift - one side thinks Hannah is in the right and that Kaeyi is being overdramatic as usual , and the other thinks Hannah is being mean to Kaeyi for no reason and needs to leave her alone.

This only got worse after Kaeyi and Martyn had a somewhat messy breakup and Hannah defended him while inadvertently casting shade on Kaeyi. Her and Kim's playthroughs of Until Dawn and Layers of Fear resulted in them getting a nasty backlash due to their dismissive behaviour and constantly ripping apart seemingly insignificant quibbles in both games, with fans suggesting in both games that perhaps the girls would be better off dropping the games since they seemed to hate them so much and weren't giving them a fair try.

In the case of Until Dawn, Hannah had to issue several statements on her social media assuring fans that she and Kim would start taking the game more seriously, which they did About halfway through the actual game itself with the introduction of the wendigos.

Their attitude about the criticism has rankled some as well, with the girls scoffing at fans' original concerns and calling them "haters". Their behaviour actually can be explained , though - Kim mentioned in one of the Layers of Fear videos that she and Hannah were absolutely broken by their playthrough of Outlast this is the game that actually caused Kim to have a sobbing breakdown and require a small moment before she could even lift her head to continue , and as a result horror games simply don't do anything for them anymore.

Caff and Hannah's playthrough of the new Resident Evil game got more and more backdraft as it went on. Caff's a bit of a polarizing figure in the Yogscast, with many viewers complaining about his "backseat gaming" and "overbearing nature", and aren't exactly happy that he seems to have replaced Kim as Hannah's most frequent collaborator. Hannah's also gotten some backlash in the comments for repeatedly insisting the game is "just like First Encounter Assault Recon ", even after commenters explained the difference to her: Alma's a human with psychic powers, abused by everyone she ever knew, experimented on and locked away while Eveline is a bioweapon created in the artificial image of a little girl that's gone rogue.

Another particular sticking point with fans is Hannah stating that if you don't save Mia, she comes back as the final boss, which she continues to put forth as fact, saying she read it online. Another Caff incident - Hannah included Caff in the livestream playthrough for Outlast II instead of keeping it as a Fright Night thing with Kim as the first game was , and for whatever reason the trio decided to use really loud, obnoxious sound effects when people made donations which the viewers of the stream gleefully exploited.

lewis and hannah dating yogscast martyn