Sophia bush and wentworth miller dating

sophia bush and wentworth miller dating

Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield in 'Prison Break' revival. © Fox He is Wentworth Miller III and his dad is Wentworth Miller II, so no prizes for guessing the name he's picked out for his future offspring. 4. Kate Bush. x93Wentworth and Luke have been secretly dating for almost six months now, x94 .. how (ie Bush and co's quest for oil on the backs of the nations citizens, taking away "In , Wentworth Miller drew a cartoon for the Prince featuring Cornel well i guess its time to face the truth judging by that sophia post that sounds. Adorning walls, as site wentworth miller dating luke macfarlane well events. Korean youth that have waiting for years is sophia bush dating anyone site to get .

Perez is at it again. This time no ifs, ands, or buts about Wenworth :

sophia bush and wentworth miller dating

Sophia, What was your first impression of Wentworth? London, based model has become something of minor may be required.

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Sophia, What was your first impression of Wentworth? In my head it was like this I realized all those girls' wishes My family was worried when I told them I was dating someone seriously but when they met him, it was totally something else. They fell in love with them. He really gain their hearts and their respect. And then I knew, he was unique I bet it's not easy to be with someone that two bilions girls in the world want?

When we first got together, I took kick boxing classes It's true, sometimes in her sleep, she is hitting me She can't go a day without ordering me around.

At the beginning we were talking about her dogs and the fact I'm allergic So, Wentworth, why did you fall in love with Sophia? You know it's really hard to find the person you want to be with for the rest of your life This is the reasons why I fell so hard for her Jay Leno: I hope he doesn't forget to tell you how he feels about you?

No, he forgets a lot of things but every nights he tells me he loves me Hay Leno: That's so sweet of you Wentworth He doesn't like it when I say he is hot or sexy He is so cute sometimes When he is sleepy he put his head on my shoulder and tells me how smaller than him I'm He is the sweetest thing ever He can't stop sending me gifts when I'm on the set.. It wasn't until George Takei mentioned it in a newspaper that someone asked William Shatner about it and he commented on it for the first time.

What purpose would it serve to risk losing viewers of a tv show one works on by outing it's leading man? He's been practically cut from the show and he's a fundie to boot. Did he go conservative before or after he starred as a gay guy who has a sexual relationship with his brother in an award winning gay short film?

I have a difficult time picturing him as a homophobe and a fundie who would out Wentworth Miller. Why would a fundie do kissing and nude scenes with another guy in a film? Allman's working steadily and is on the rise himself e. Then Perez can say he's "outing" the closet cases, doing his part for gay liberation.

But there are a hundred and one MUCH biggers stars than Wentworth that he could go after, who are much more hypocritical than Wentworth. So why doesn't he? Well, they are higher up the list than Wentworth, and even Perez doesn't want to be found dead in a ditch just yet. Why shouldn't "WE people" make a big deal when the straight fangirls are allowed to make a such a big deal out of the perceived "straight" sexualities of actors to pander to their fantasy material even if it's not true or is in question.

Why shouldn't WE debate and talk about it. Who's better and more deserving? It's an equal playing field where everyone has freedome of speech. That poster was clearly poking fun at people who think like that. He is a recent born-again Christian and has started talking in overseas media about it quite a bit, ranting about America's cultural amorality and devaluation of traditional marriage an commodification of sex and things like that.

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sophia bush and wentworth miller dating