Spelman and morehouse dating website

spelman and morehouse dating website

Kevin Cox, a junior at Morehouse College in Atlanta, talks to Farai Here to give us the inside scoop on dating at HBCUs is Kevin Cox. The only thing that separates Spelman from Morehouse is a parking lot, . Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at flagylnoprescription.info for further information. Morehouse and Spelman, which are some of the nation's oldest historically black Students at both Spelman and Morehouse responded to her .. are a girl's best friend' Star got VERY personal about life when she's not dating . Meghan Markle's designer friend Misha Nonoo's website is updated to label. A Spelman woman is like no other. We love our Men of Morehouse, have the confidence of Beyonce and are proud to be a Spelmanite.

spelman and morehouse dating website


spelman and morehouse dating website

Actually, while most people would assume that being at an all-male school it would be difficult to have a lot of women being at all-male school, but they don't understand that you have Spelman College and Clark Atlanta literally within walking distance. Save A group of Spelman and Morehouse College students are on a hunger strike, in an attempt to change school policy and allow the donation of campus meals to the needy.

spelman and morehouse dating website

Spelman and morehouse dating website - All Campus Chapters

Love Story of the 14sNatiya and Charles Curtis, class of , met under remarkable circumstances. As sophomores, they had never crossed paths. The couple, who currently lives in Washington, DC. Instead, they love with purpose, intensity, and humility.

Their story, however, did not begin until junior year when Sean returned from studying aboard in London. After graduating in , Sean and Ajaa moved to New York. They married in and reside in Brooklyn with their 1-year-old daughter Giselle Grey Long.

Neither were looking for love in the club but after a few dances, Travis was smitten. Erica was skeptical about Travis' advances, but one of her line sisters was Travis' neighbor and insisted that he was a really sweet and genuine guy. After a few dates, and a fabulous steak dinner prepared by Travis, Erica learned that her line sister was absolutely right about him. Time truly flies when you're spending it with your best friend. This September they will be celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary.

Having never met during college the two quickly became friends while reminiscing over lunch about parties they had both attended and friends they unknowingly shared. Both Millicent and Marvin were recently single and were not looking to enter a new relationship so they did not view each other as anything more than colleagues.

However, three older women who also worked at the school had something else in mind. Every day these three women would comment on how great of a couple Millicent and Marvin would make and found ways to bring them together at work. Finally, Marvin asked Millicent to come hang out with him after school at a football game. From that day on the two became great friends and that friendship eventually grew into love. That summer the couple took a trip to Jamaica where their love blossomed.

It was there while lounging at the pool bar watching the sunset that Marvin looked at Millicent and said "we should get married," and Millicent said "yeah. They were married on July 11, , welcomed their first child, Madilyn, in July and are expecting their second child later this month. Peace Corps and moved to South Africa. Though they were dating other people, Curtis and Daria remained connected during his time overseas through occasional emails and letters. Curtis and Daria were married September 1, Currently, Daria is an assistant principal at a local high school while pursuing her Doctorate in educational leadership.

Both are active members of their local alumnae associations. The Encounter, the Exchange, the Engagement: I was the only female amongst a sea of men. His toes were actually well-groomed so I had to comment. I thought I was being cute and playful, but EW, not so much. I left him alone after that day and for the remainder of the semester, until we met again outside of the classroom. It all began on the historic hill of Morehouse College. During spring of , I laid my eyes on this Spelman lady, Ms.

Tanea Chane, so fine! That day God smiled on me and I knew that I found a good thing. I was smitten, but Tanea could not take her eyes off my feet! She did not realize how much I valued my sandals. However, she laughed and so did I, eventually! Even though I thought Tanea was joking on me, I was sold. At the end of the semester, we saw each other again at the bookstore.

We talked for a while and I shared that I was actually staying in Atlanta for pharmacy school. In the past, I was notorious for changing the last digit but I gave EW the real thing! Only time would tell how this friendship would blossom. At the end of the semester, I came to the university bookstore and I ran into Tanea.

I found out she was staying in Atlanta and I decided that it was time to take destiny into my own hands. I immediately knew Tanea was no easy woman to impress. But now I had time because she was set in Atlanta for the next few years. Our relationship progressed over a span of 5 years. During the summer of , EW came home with me to Minnesota. Of course I said yes and agreed to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life….

Now, although my friendship with Tanea had grown, it took me a full year to earn that first date. Either way, I was on cloud 9 because I was truly with the woman of my dreams. I had played this moment in my mind countless times never realizing that it could actually get better.

We shared, laughed, and listened four years. Then came year five. I decide to take a trip to Minnesota. The shine in her mother's eyes encouraged me; I asked for her hand in marriage before all to see in her own territory. With both of us being from the south, we instantly felt a connection and discovered several things that we had in common. Aldwin was so smooth and affectionate when we started dating. He literally swept me off of my feet. While dating in college, Aldwin and I were pre-med and pre-law majors, respectively.

We continued dating throughout college and on into law school and chiropractor school. And they need to be a voice for the community and be aware that they need - in order for there to be a change, it has to start with them. And Morehouse men especially are the ones to definitely take that role and start it.

When you think about safe sex, I mean this - I'm asking you to really guesstimate here. And if you don't feel comfortable, then just let me know. First of all, out of the men on campus, how many do you think are actively having sex at least once a month, just from how you talk? And two, how many of those do you think are having safe sex? That's a tough number. I couldn't even tell you. It's a lot, yeah. So you think most of the guys are having sex.

At least, you know, half? What's the vibe on safe sex? Are people protecting themselves? And we have a lot of events and seminars and guest speakers who come continuously through our school just talking about safe sex and always wrapping it up and protection.

They have AIDS testing on campus, like at campus health? They have AIDS testing. What do you love the most about dating at an HBCU? I would probably say - I don't even know. Well, just, you know, I'll put it this way.

And we're almost out of time, so you're almost out of the hot seat. But I went to a college where there were very few black men available. You are in the horn of plenty. What do you enjoy about being there? It is probably the environment, you know.

Being from Los Angeles, it's usually all spread throughout ethnicities. But you go to a historically black college and it's like It's a great atmosphere. I'm sure it is. Well, Kevin Cox, thank you so much for joining us. I hope I didn't ruin your day, because I was asking you some tough questions.

That was Kevin Cox.