Vechs and aureylian dating quotes

vechs and aureylian dating quotes

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vechs and aureylian dating quotes

The team The game was played with the Absorption effect regenerating every twenty seconds as Date published, Perspectives, Notable events. Hoist by His Own Petard:

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vechs and aureylian dating quotes

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vechs and aureylian dating quotes

vechs and aureylian dating quotes

Vechs and aureylian dating quotes - vechs and aureylian dating

Very few people were expecting MCGamer to win Season 6. Or BTC to win Season Not often practiced in any individual videos, but can occur when viewing multiple perspectives simultaneously. For example, in Season 7 Pakratt and MC believe that Kurt and Zisteau are trying to either get the high ground or flank them, when their perspectives reveal that they're actually running for their lives.

As if Kurt's glitchy death in Season 5 wasn't bad enough, in Season 8 his internet outright crashes right before he can ambush Etho.

Down to the Last Play: Seasons 3 and 4a are both decided by only half a heart, while Season 4b is won by the comparatively wider margin of one heart. Right after Generikb dies in season 8. A thunderstorm starts up that lasts through the deaths of Mhykol and Doc and went so loud for the next 15 minutes that players at bedrock could hear it. In season 11, a thunderstorm starts moments before Etho kills Generikb. Another thunderstorm starts up just before the first PVP kill of Season Yet another thunderstorm in Season 14 Episode 6, when Guude is killed by Pause.

Dropped a Bridge on Him: Kurt in seasons 5 and 6 with his glitchy wolf-related deaths, plus Doc in Season 8 when he 'suffocates in a wall' thanks to a bug. Pause in Season 11, winner of the two previous seasons, accidentally looks at an Enderman while exploring a cavern, and goes out in the first episode for the first time in UHC history. How does Arkas go out in season 15? A creeper drops down directly behind him and explodes before Arkas even sees it, instantly killing him. After caving for several minutes with little trouble, a quick relog finds JD mysteriously dead.

When he relogged, everything suddenly happened at once, apparently leading to a spider dealing enough damage to kill him. In season 12, Zisteau states that he is one, noting that he is less nervous and frantic when he's had a few bottles. Team Old Yeller' Generik and Baj in season Their inebriation seems to cause them a lot of early problems, losing a lot of health. But eventually they find 10 diamonds, enchant, and head to the nether, where Generik gets his very first kill on Pakratt despite Pak's health advantage, thanks to his enchants.

However, the fact they had three hearts between them afterwards did not serve them well when they ran into Pause and Arkas. Eliminated from the Race: The contestants must gather food, hunt animals and fight each other to be the last man standing. Viewers enjoy choosing a contestant to cheer for, and follow their point of view on their YouTube channel.

There is always much disappointment from fans when a contestant is eliminated. A rule tacked on for season Because of this, more mobs will spawn underground due to there being no hostile mobs on the surface to hit the server's mob cap, making caving more dangerous this season. This rule was also used in seasons 16 and In Season 12 jl digs a 1x1x2 hole in the ground while running from a skeleton and Doc jumps in after him, getting both of them stuck.

In the process of trying to dig out, Doc hits JL for a total of 4 hearts, leaving him with 4 hearts left. The best part is that one of them was allowed to relog and fix the problem. In Season 18, Vechs decides to start throwing eggs at his team-mates for fun Which ends up knocking Coe off the edge of a cliff, costing him half of his health.

MC, whilst digging, uncovers someone hiding right next him, swings his sword Evil Tower of Ominousness: The result of Zisteau deciding to head to the center of the map and play Skyblock after failing to find enough diamonds to craft an enchanting table in season The top of the tower is not only above vertical bow range, but also has lava flowing down the sides.

Anderzel is the first to find Zisteau's tower, and after exchanging taunts for a while, Anderzel pillars up above the top of Zisteau's tower and the two start firing arrows at each other. Bdubs in Season 4b, hacking up wolves left and right in order to reach Guude and have a proper Duel to the Death.

Ultimately, there are too many wolves and he's overwhelmed, but not before he makes Guude nearly crap his pants in terror. Vechs has done this four times with his thumbnails; the first three times, it's been some sort of controversial event.

In Season 17, his thumbnail shows him riding a pig with a Carrot on a Stick. He dies when he rides a pig off a cliff, earning the "When Pigs Fly" achievement. In Season 18, his thumbnail shows an egg in the center. He throws an egg at his teammate Coestar right before the final battle, causing him to fall off a cliff and lose half his health. In Season 19, his thumbnail shows a Nether landscape. In Season 21, his thumbnail started out as a Notch Apple, but slowly faded to an Ender Pearl over time.

Pakratt gets a Notch apple several episodes in. Vechs and Nebris manage to take him out despite this advantage by baiting Pakratt into eating the apple by sending Nebris in, Nebris immediately well, almost Ender Pearling out, letting the regen from the apple wear off, and then engaging him. Zisteau's approach in Season 6.

Pause and Etho, despite both being members of Team Canada and do frequent co-ops between them often fight each other. Pause wins every time it happens in a UHC: The other friendly rivalry Pause has is with BdoubleO. However, in season 7, BdoubleO managed to kill Pause before he burned to death from Pause's fire aspect sword. From the Mouths of Babes: Although less so, since he's getting older, but even though he was only 13 which by then, one should have quite the vocabulary , in his early LP days, it was quite unsettling to hear Shree's little boy voice dropping F-bombs.

Throughout season 12, the game's internal clock was gradually speeding up, making it so that all time based events are faster than normal, as well as mobs moving faster than they should be, making it difficult to defend against them. At the end of episode 5, it had gotten so bad that the server needed to be restarted.

Sethbling had appropriately named his episode 5: Nebris in Season He successfully found enough gold to create a Notch Apple 72 gold ingots, 8 blocks. When he later ate it when fighting Anzerzel, he took absolutely no damage from all the arrows that he was hit with. Good Is Not Soft: This becomes very apparent in Season 6 when the cheerful, bubbly, moutermouthed Anderz turns out to be an incredibly daring spelunker, and an archer to be feared.

Ultra Hardcore presents a whole new challenge: Having a full hunger bar does nothing. Kurt has one of these almost by name when his wolf saves his life in Season 3. Zisteau discovering a golden apple in a dungeon chest in season 6. Kurt in Season 4a when he buys his team time to flank Guude and Pause at the cost of his own life by distracting them.

Hidden in Plain Sight: In season 7, Guude and Bdubs hide their Nether portal by building a large mound of dirt over it. Amazingly this does work several episodes later, with Pause walking right past the portal and failing to notice or even hear it.

In season 5, Pakratt builds a mob system in one of the highest traffic points of the map, a village. Nearly everyone who passes by fails to notice that it's there, even while staring directly at it. Hoist by His Own Petard: In season 10, Avidya very nearly kills Zisteau with a lava bucket, and even comments on how good it would have been to pull off said kill. In season 11, after vacating his tower, Zisteau gets killed while caving by the lava that he himself placed.

And in season 14, it almost happened again to him when he tried to kill Etho with a bucket of lava, only surviving because Etho placed some water to defend himself. Happens to Aureylian, to some extent, in season Aureylian is on top of a villager house when Vintage Beef comes up the ladder towards her.

Despite having the upper hand from the start, she instead places a bucket of lava. Beef can escape back down the ladder, she can't go anywhere. While it's Beef that ultimately slays her, the damage she took from the lava didn't help.

Occurs in both Seasons 4a and 4b, first when Guude and Pause kill Kurt but are themselves killed soon after and then when Bdubs nearly defeats Guude but is ultimately overwhelmed by Guude's pack of wolves. In season 3, Baj finally finds a good amount of food after spending most of the season finding no animals besides sheep and failing to grow wheat.

He is eliminated shortly after finding it. They have a brief moment of celebration after taking down Pause and Pyro, before being ambushed and killed by MC, who they were unaware of. I Am Not Left-Handed: Throughout Season 6 of Ultra Hardcore, Zisteau spent his time making paintings, setting random fires and getting increasingly drunk.

Nearly all the damage he took was self-inflicted, either by stumbling off a cliff or accidentally setting a fire below his feet. He also made it to the final four. One can only imagine what he would be capable of if he were to take the contest seriously. Kurt gets saddled with this on occasion, as seen when he obsesses over "resetting his spawn" in Season 3 and complains about how hard it is to get string while walking right past cobwebs in Season 6.

In Season 16 he dives at Baj and places lava on him to kill Baj, but it kills Kurt too. In season 10, BTC freezes the video right before he dies and starts giving one, then stops himself and realizes that he is about to die.

In Season 11, Bdubs narrowly avoids a battle between Nebris and Pyro and is close enough to grab the dead players' items before they despawn. This includes all the potions and potion making materials Nebris had been gathering, Pyro's enchanting table, and other useful items. By being in the right place at the right time, Bdubs went from 2.

Now if only he hadn't forgotten about that one potion Kill It with Fire: MC puts this to good use in Seasons 6, 8, and VintageBeef tries it against Kurt in Season 3, dumping lava besides him while Kurt is looking in a chest. Fortunately for Kurt, Beef missed In Season 8, after remarking that it was quiet, Etho runs into Beef then while fighting him, is sneak attacked by Pyro.

After he kills both of them, MC shows up. MC would have killed Etho, if it weren't for the nearby water. Ultimately of the final five, only Pakratt was left out. In Season 10, Episode 9, Avidya going over what teams were left in the game. There's like, green, white and us. Not My Lucky Day: In Season 8, nothing goes right for Pakratt, his plan of making a nether trap initially failed when he couldn't find Ghasts or Creepers, then when he did, he accidentally blew it up.

To top it off. He was one of the only players to never find diamonds. However, that didn't stop him from making it to the final 2 and giving almost as good as he got against Etho. Then in Season 10, Pakratt survives the massacre of the rest of Team PEP, but fails to find a Nether fortress and thus ingredients for potions and is killed by Doc while stuck in the crafting window. Guude , despite having won four seasons of Ultra Hardcore, has also had some bad seasons as well.

Season 8 starts with him taking a Creeper blast immediately as the game starts, followed by somebody stealing his iron. He then sees Adlington, and despite getting the drop on him still manages to get killed.

Then, despite having good luck in the seven episodes in Season 10, everything goes wrong in Episode 8. In Season 12, the mobs in first big cave found by Anders and Guude results in the former's death and the latter getting knocked down to one and a half hearts. Guude makes it through another episode before dying to a skeleton. Guude and his team have a fairly good start in Season 13, that is, until team powerhouses Pause and Anderzel get separated while tracking another team and die to Pyro Puncher after killing the others.

Pyro then drops Beef to half a heart when they go to finish him, and Beef goes down to a zombie a few minutes later, leaving Guude alone and nervous once more.

Pakratt seems to have the worst luck, having died first several times now. In Season 14, when Kurt and Mhykol go caving, Kurt runs into a witch, which poisons both of them, dropping Kurt down to a half heart by the end of the first episode. But then, episode 3 happens. Arkas dies within the first five minutes to a creeper, and near the end of the episode, both Seth and Etho die through a PvP -encounter with the blue team.

In Season 18, Guude's team loses Aureylian in Episode 2 when a zombie knocks her into lava, causing her to burn to death just a few meters away from water. In the next episode, Pakratt gets poisoned by a Witch and gets dropped down to half a heart. Guude, with Pakratt's consent, kills him to obtain an enchanting table and is left alone. Pause lets out a big one when he sees Kurt in the finale of Season 4a.

Kurt's here Kurt's here Kurt's here! Beef has a similar Freak Out! In Season 3, Beef goes to the Nether, and when he comes back out, he ends up in Pause's Nether portal.

The fact that Kurt has just murdered Pause and is sorting through his items only strengthens the effect. MCGamer's reaction to Etho and Pakratt's trap in season It's not as effective as they'd have liked it to be, only doing 2. Kurt has strong showings of this, as in season 20 he got a double kill with a stone sword admittedly, he had potions and then a triple kill against green team when it was just him and Doc left on his team, with said teammate falling against Aureylian and Sevadus while Kurt killed the other two and slew Aureylian after Doc fell, before dying himself, leaving Sevadus at only 1.

In Season 3, Kurt and Pause fight each other a few episodes in. With Pause being well established as the most aggressive fighter of the group, and Kurt being a very cautious and defensive combatant, their showdown is the embodiment of this trope.

Ultimately, Pause gets careless and Kurt's wolf does him in. However, this is also a partial subversion of their usual styles, as while both of them stick to their usual tactics in the actual showdown, the prelude is marked by Pause carefully scouting out his opponent while Kurt blindly wanders into a clearly inhabited area without a care in the world.

Also occurs in Season 6 when the bold and daring Anderzel faces off with the careful and overly-cautious MCGamer. In Season 3, Etho and Pause meet in the Nether. Pause charges and Etho retreats, using his flint and tinder to erect a barrier of fire between them, clearly hoping to give his attacker pause for thought. Pause charges through the fire, unflinching, and knocks Etho off a cliff, killing him.

Pyro charges through unfazed and kills MC. Anderzel in Season 6 is shot, stabbed, attacked by dogs, partially drowned, and then stabbed again before he finally expires. Baj in Season 1, when he accidentally drops Beef into a dungeon, then goes in after him and dies saving him from the zombies. Roaring Rampage of Revenge: After his entire team is wiped out by Pause and Anderz in season 13, Pyro takes them both out in an ambush and then drops Beef to half a heart before his death to Guude.

In season 14, Pyro himself dies because he tried to rush Sethbling and Anderz and got killed as a result. Avidya, his teammate, responded by taking them both out and staying alive himself, though at half a heart Running Gag: Kurt got killed by wolves a lot in earlier seasons.

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