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Jan 19, tomatoes, broccoli, guavas, bell peppers, strawberries and green peas. Carom seeds “Dry roast carom seeds (ajwain), wrap the same in a piece of cloth and A mixture of carom seeds and jaggery twice a day can also help relieve cold. Bird's nest ferns; Is Hardik Pandya dating Sophie Choudhry?. I hv heard n read abt the effect of broccoli sprouts but unable to gt a place from wher i cn but I was lookin fr thm in is it available in chennai?. Aug 19, Sprouts like alfalfa, radish, broccoli, clover and soybean contain concentrated amounts of phytochemicals (plant compounds) that can protect.

Broccoli sprouts very effective!?? :

Anything that has a life surely has a means to feel. Petersburg, Russia Although I regard the argument that plants feel pain as being little more than wishful thinking on the part of meat-eaters, even if it was true people forget that because of all the plants fed to livestock meat-eaters cause more plants to be destroyed than vegetarians. Cinnamon Cinnamon is known to help fight bacteria and provide relief in times of severe cold and cough.

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Oranges Oranges are rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is known to strengthen your immune system by boosting the production of white blood cells. It also reduces the multiplication of viruses and helps clear your nasal passage.

Other foods rich in vitamin C are dark leafy greens, tomatoes, broccoli, guavas, bell peppers, strawberries and green peas. A mixture of carom seeds and jaggery twice a day can also help relieve cold. Garlic Garlic is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial in nature. Chop three-six cloves of garlic and add them to your soup, broth or stew.

You can also boil garlic in water and drink it three to four times a day to kill a persistent cold. Cinnamon Cinnamon is known to help fight bacteria and provide relief in times of severe cold and cough. Businesswoman Aruna Patil relies on an infusion of cinnamon, ginger and honey. Chamomile on the other hand can help calm your nerves and fight infections that arise due to cold.

Herbal teas such as Green tea and Chamomile are also rich in anti-oxidants. Pepper Black pepper contains vitamin C and is antibacterial in nature which decongests the sinuses or nasal passage. Each person is born with different things to accomplish while they are here, and we eat - with gratitude - for whatever supports our completion of those accomplishments. Gratitude and respect for the life support is what is fundamental. You've got to be kidding me. Humans shouldn't abandon predation just because we have morals.

Humans are not the only creatures on earth that prey on other creatures. Jack, San Jose, USA I think it's a little rediculous that there are vegetable rights, plus, if you put it in animal terms, aren't most of the cells in animals still alive when you eat them, plants are made out of cells too.

Noah Shields , Fort Collins, US First of all, if you want to be religious about this think about how god gave humans free will, so we could make decisions about things. We can decide that we don't have to eat meat, and we can decide we aren't meant to eat meat,and we can decide to not practice everything in the bible. So don't justify it just because the bible, says to take the life of something else so you can eat it when there are other options to like eating plants.

If you believe it's o. SO many animals suffer being stuffed into small spaces, being crippled in transportation and overfeeding, if you are going to eat an animal at least give it the respect that it is a living being not just a product.

Treat it like it's alive when its alive! And it doesn't say anywhere that you have to eat meat at every meal. You can easily reduce your meat intake to help the earth in the long run. Cows are being breed so that there are so many of them that the methane gas that cows produce in their poop contribute to global warming greatly. Everything in the process of producing a meat product takes up so many essential resources that we need like the water they drink which is a lot for cows , the space where the animals are kept, the food they eat again is a lot to get them big , the gas in the factories and in the transportation.

At the very least be aware of everything you eat and where you get it to make sure that the companies that produce it are aware and care about the animals as beings because everyone of your dollars are a vote. If the meat is cheap then they usually don't take the time to make sure that the animals are treated like animals and there wastes are being taken care of properly.

The big corporations just do it for the money and just treat them like a product. They pack them full of antibiotics so that they don't get diseases that they are exposed to from being stored in small spaces packed with poop and all of those antibiotics, you are ingesting when you eat meat. Grass fed humanely treated animals are the best. Do your own research and just don't be ignorant because ignorance kills.

Bella, SC USA First of all, if you want to be religious about this think about how god gave humans free will, so we could make decisions about things. I don't believe that plants feel pain because they do not have a nervous system and they don't have the neurons to carry pain signals. In the beginning, when Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, they did not eat meat, for the lion would lay with the sheep and the man could approach the lion. There was no killing, until they disobeyed God and the Lion turned on the man and suffering came to be.

God said that when the end came and people were judged, those who were good would go to heaven, or a paradise land where again, man could approach the lion in a friendly manner, and the lion would lay next to the sheep in peace once again. So for you to say God gave us animals for the benefit of eating is absolute BS. According to all the Abrahamic teachings, eating the flesh of another living creature is part of the punishment bestowed upon man for disobeying God, seeing as eating meat was not done in the Garden of Eden, making it a part of the devils world, not God's.

I am not a religious person at all, but I was brought up in a religious home and taught the teachings and it seems to me as though people who try to use the "God gave us animals for the purpose of eating them" argument, leave out the bit of important information that clearly states that animals were originally made by God for man as companions.

They seek to use the "God made animals for eating" argument to justify the cruelty inflicted on animals for our own selfish desires. And the contradictions of religion continues. Kayla Soliman, United States Meat is only second-hand plants. Bandana , Kathmandu, Nepal Plants without a nervous system feel nothing.

You need a nervous system and a brain. In the real world, 'rights' do not exist. The dictionary definition of nature says something along the lines of anything of the world not created by humans. I propose that that definition needs to be re-clarified to include all elements of the complete symbiotic whole if we are to realise who we really are, and how much we owe to all things currently and previously existing.

We are not special. We may be improbable or inevitable, but only religion and our irrational brains think of ourselves as special and somehow apart from all that actually truthfully created us in the first place,Nature. All things react to their environment. Humans evolved along with everything else.

Human thoughts and morals, while having evolved with everything else and indeed in a symbiotic reactive way to the environment they were brought up in, have actually no basis in the physical real world.

They are fictitious and at times, often completely irrational. Whether anything feels pain or not is not an issue. It is only an issue when one starts being irrational and enters into fictitious moral judgements and 'separate from nature', 'holier than thou', 'special beings' head-spaces which of course, we all tend to do. Doesn't make us 'right' Pain, while uncomfortable for whatever is experiencing it, is not inherently 'wrong'. It's just another important evolutionary way of surviving for creatures.

There is no winner. All this said, I humbly and rationally believe that no thing, living or not, has 'rights' of any kind.

There is only action and reaction with the first action a mere reaction to the preceding reaction etc. It is a symbiotic environment we live in. An ever updating, logical and un-biased to any form of life or un-life, use of the scientific method would be, in my opinion, which matters not , the most effective way for us humans to co-exist with these silly large brains of ours and the entirety of all that is.

No laws but what are actual real scientific laws of the universe. However, I am a silly human, with a silly brain. My opinion, and your opinion, matter not and matter not absolutely. There is only what is. Reaction and reaction and reaction and reaction.

There is no 'true' answer. Because there is no 'true' question. I wonder if the daffodils formed a New Orleans jazz band for each diamond and march around it? I wonder when they would determine the appropriate time to begin the ceremony?

During the diamond formation process or at it's conclusion? Is it appropriate to send flowers? Bill Kolb, Sacramento, US If plants do indeed feel pain, then it's still better to be vegan since you're only causing plants pain. To eat meat, you cause the animals to feel pain plus all the plants that the animal ate in its lifetime. Joshua Matthews, Stoke-on-Trent, UK Plants suffer a massive hormone and chemical barrage internally when they suffer any kind of injury, Which is very similar to an animal but it is so much slower that most think they do not feel anything.

David , Tampa fl USA Studies have shown that organs other than the brain can affect our thinking processes. Just because plants feel things differently from us doesn't mean they don't feel at all. Scientifically we are still infants, lets not forget that, so to rule out the possibility of plants registering pain via other sensory organs because they do not posses a brain or central nervous system, would be an ignorant statement to make.

Unfortunately, all life is formed and sustained by the matter of other life forms, whether decomposing or still living. The earth is a closed system, meaning every living thing is recycled, and everything consumed by one living thing has come from the decomposition or sacrifice of another living thing. The other unfortunate thing about this whole debate is that us humans all have to make up our own minds, and most will not have that nagging urge to feel utter compassion at even just the thought of a plant being eaten alive: Julia, Australia Plants do not feel pain because they don't have a brain for any signals to be sent to.

Imagine if a human didn't have a brain; they could get cut, but they wouldn't know and there wouldn't be anything to tell that they are in pain Mae, Sacramento US I'm getting a bit sick of this. I've read half a dozen replies already and none of them addresses the question. Can somebody please just tell me whether or not plants feel pain? We've been around for thousands of years, studying. There are billions of us, experiencing.

Surely one among us can please just offer up a straight answer. Geoff walker, Katoomba Australia Yes, we are given all living things to eat-both plants and animals. No, we are not given these things to torture in the process. Anonymous, Beirut Lebanon The business of poultry farms is a huge one all over the world. Billions of chicken are fertilized artificially so that they give birth to other chickens which can then be eaten.

But if they were to give birth naturally, a lot of veg on which they feed would be left, enough to feed the entire world. It is the non veg eaters who are indirectly the cause of world hunger. Please refer to the website goveg. Avijit Sawroop, Lucknow India Plants don't feel pain would be my response. There has been no study that I know of that shows plants suffer pain. There has been lots of research on that they touch, can understand light rays, that they react to minerals in the soil and the roots tend to grow towards more mineralised soil.

But there is no evidence that they would suffer from pain. People suffer from pain because they intellectualize the pain. As in there brain and nervous system works out they are in pain and this is how you become aware of pain and are conscious of pain, without consciousness you can not suffer from pain, you can't say pain is in my leg or if you was a animal make noises and lie in mud or whatever to stop the pain.

Plus Vegetables and Plants lack a nervous system, so even if they were somehow conscious, there would be no afferent neurons to carry pain messages. At this point in time science shows no evidence that plants suffer from pain. There is some evidence they react to being cut, but this is a basic stimulus response that is similar to how they react to sun light.

It's not painful for them, it's just like a mobile phone that flashed low battery. I believe this is a poke at vegetarians and vegans who eat plants.

This aims to put them off going vegetarian because all life feels pain so you can't avoid hurting life. However this is a naive point as the point is we don't need to eat animals that we KNOW feel pain at a lot higher level emotionally and physically than plants. Second we don't need to eat animals but we do plants, Or at least I have seen no evidence to show we can have optimum health on a fruit, seed and nut diet alone.

Where as we can on a plant based diet which means we don't need to harm animals to live and since they feel high amounts of emotional pain it would be silly to ignore this. However there is lots of studies that show eating meat, dairy and eggs is unhealthy. There is lots of evidence that shows a lot of factory farms cause deceases and deforestation. The point is you don't need to eat animals or animal products to live, but you do need to have a plant based diet.

In addition, fruit doesn't feel pain and you can eat plenty of that if eating plants is problem for you.

Even though plants probable don't feel pain and most defiantly don't suffer from pain signals. This would just be as healthy as eating a meat based diet so there is no reason to eat meat. There is no ethical reason to eat meat.

Ethically it is wrong to eat meat. But that never stopped people before. Stephen Kelly, Oakworth, England The simplest piece of evidence that plants don't feel pain is their evolution.

Animals feel pain because it gives them sense of what's dangerous and when they should run. Plants on the other hand can't move, can fight back physically and would have no evolutionary reason to feel pain. Furthermore some plants actually rely on being eaten to spread their seeds. John Renszi, Sacremento, United States Those of you saying plants have no reason to feel pain evolutionarily because they can't run away are overlooking the important fact that plants do respond rapidly to being injured or threatened, albeit in way that are usually difficult for us to detect.

As soon as injury occurs, chemicals are released that "warn" other nearby plants to bolster their defenses this is especially useful if the assailant is an insect or other small pest -- some plants even release chemicals that attract other insects that eat the attackers! Plants react to tactile sensations in general -- gently stroking a stem each day will cause it to grow thicker probably because it is responding to what it thinks is heavy wind.

So while I'm not sure it means they can feel pain per se, plants definitely have good reason to detect and react to physical "sensation" including injury -- and they do. We cannot ignore the similarities. No neurons probably means no pain, at least not the way humans perceive it. As many have pointed out, the ability to suffer pain and not be able to evade the source of that pain is not the kind of mistake Mother Nature would make.

Mike , Toronto Canada How about you just eat what feels right to you. Though I believe plants to experience 'something' when they have parts severed from them, but it is impossible to live without consuming some form of sustenance. Whether animal or vegetable, humans must consume something to survive.

Any rights that any living thing may or may not have is revoked upon the death of said living thing. Rockhill, Grifton United States Try your best to inflict as little harm as possible to all living things.

The goal should be striving to minimise the harm we bring upon other living things. Do not bring unnecessary harm to others while we fight to survive. With religions put aside, the first and most important goal in life is to survive, this is a universal goal that applies to all living things.

All living things man,animals,plants, micro-organism, fungi, For the survival of one living thing, it is inevitable that some harm will done on others. All that we can do is to minimise our harm on other living things in our pursuit of survival. If living things are not allowed to inflict harm on other living things, then most or all living things should not be living on this Earth.

We are all part of the billions of living things that strive to survive on this Earth. There is no right or wrong, all we can do is try to get as close as possible to the perfect answer which we can never know. There may not even be an answer to anything. Just a piece of mind from an individual who have yet to find and may never find the answer. Mrs Universal, Chaozhou China Technically speaking, the cells of the entire plant have chemicals synonymous with a brain, furthermore, one can trace the electrical impulses within a given plant and learn that there are, at the very least, basic emotional instances.

Plants can be conditioned to lower defensive mechanisms like spines, to grow a certain way, and display an evolutionary ingenuity that may be beyond even our comprehension. From a purely scientific standpoint, our long disrespected ancestors are geniuses and to say they don't think is to ignore the extent they go to form symbiotic and parasitic relationships and the subtle mourning responses to the deaths of caretakers and neighboring plants. HOWEVER, vegetables, grains, and nuts are too small to be sufficiently intelligent to suffer enough for it to be called inhumane.

I believe that they should be given the same level of respect as their animal counterparts. Give a dandelion the respect you'd give an invasive rodent, and crops the same respect as livestock.

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