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The 12th edition of analytica Anacon India and India Lab Expo successfully concluded in Hyderabad at HITEX Exhibition Center. With 9, visitors and . The likes of KLab (Knowledge Lab), Think (Millicom), FabLab (government of the world's population centers that must reinvent themselves to be relevant, Archaeologists have found vestiges of early cities, dating back nearly 10, years. Christchurch, Medellin, Bangalore (Bengaluru), Shanghai, Tokyo, Vancouver. Its new immersive learning centre (ILC) in Bengaluru will work on new ideas, seed new . It is a similar story at SAP Labs, which started in India in Problems in India (think 4G and 5G) today have global relevance, making India an even more compelling location for GICs. . Online dating companies.


We look forward to participating on a bigger scale in coming editions. The HQ knew what they required and we replicated it here. Oher retailers have followed suit. GICs are also revving up the startup ecosystem with their accelerator programs.

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We are always happy to participate in these trade fairs. The footfall was good and we got to meet with a number of new visitors and key players who participated at the Trade Fairs. We are looking forward to participating in the next edition of the trade fairs at both Hyderabad and Mumbai. We are a upcoming company in the manufacture and export of laboratory glassware, since many years to Europe and America.

The trade fairs have been an excellent platform to meet prospective clients and demonstrate our technology, at the same time get exposed to new technologies and the latest developments in the market.

We would really like to participate again and shall be here in the next edition of the trade fairs. We were able to meet several buyers and sellers in these meetings and really look forward to supporting the Trade Fairs as it grows from strength to strength in the years ahead.

I would like to thank the organizers who have invited me to attend these Trade Fairs. It was a great opportunity to participate at the Buyer-Seller forum, as we got invaluable information about the latest trends coming up in the market. This Forum also helped us meet and interact with different professionals and provided us with information about new equipment being used in the laboratories.

I have visited the show as a Buyer to explore different types of instruments and services from the manufacturer. The exhibition is good and the Buyer Seller Forum has helped me understand specs of different instruments.

More importantly, they hold out hope for an industry staring at its sunset. Up the Value Chain But there are other important deeper shifts. The HQ knew what they required and we replicated it here. We have a seat at the table. Take retailer Target, for example. Its GIC started in driven largely by cost arbitrage. Steadily, the importance and the complexity of the India GIC has risen. To accelerate innovation, three years back it launched its only accelerator program that has nurtured 30 Indian startups, bringing new tools and innovation to its fold.

Oher retailers have followed suit. We are not just ready for the future of shopping. Set up in , the lab has 1, employees today. Today, with 1, employees, the India GIC focuses on new projects like autonomous cars and electric vehicles, and is co-creating products with its global customers in India. Interestingly, close to global leaders of the MNC are today based out of India. One is the ability to drive ecosystem connects. The second is its ability to influence and lead global product charters.

It helps that the ongoing disruption in the corporate world — from automobiles to consumer electronics — is all about software as a differentiator.

India has big edge over China on many counts: Additionally, at least three GIC heads spoke about concerns around data security and patent protection in China. From telecom to energy, India is also leapfrogging technologies in many sectors. LinkedIn, which set up its technology centre in in Bengaluru, has launched three critical made-in-India products, including LinkedIn Lite in odd countries.

These are the most valuable jobs that India can attract and will do the most to boost innovation. We do lot of manufacturing in China. With the GICs working on cutting edge technologies, number of patent applications in India is rising. Qualcomm leads with 1, patent applications. Stints at a GIC play a foundational role in grooming new entrepreneurs.

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