Accessible kitchen design disabled dating

accessible kitchen design disabled dating

The initial design of a wheelchair is never my actual intention. . Labels: access, accessibility, dating, dating with a disability, online dating. Morgan's Wonderland, a theme park designed for people with disabilities, has expanded to include an accessible water park called Morgan's. Section Websites and website design. . demanded to be accessible for persons with disabilities: • Telephones and telecommunication.

Accessible kitchen design disabled dating - 1. Use alt tags.

Here are a few simple, practical tips to implement when creating a disability-friendly site. When you hover your mouse over an image on a website, the little words that pop up are called alt tags.

For someone who has a visual impairment and uses a screen reader a software program that reads text on a website out loud , the alt tags are read aloud, and are the only way a user knows what the image is. Take alt tags seriously and use them as an opportunity to describe the image accurately and succinctly.

Create subtitles and transcripts. Popular video hosting sites such as YouTube have tools that allow users to add subtitles to their clips. Making a transcription of the video available online is also an incredibly helpful resource for users. Put periods in abbreviations. If you're abbreviating something in HTML, put periods in between each letter. For example, if you're referencing the Central Intelligence Agency, write it out as C. A screen reader won't recognize the abbreviation without periods, and will instead read it out phonetically as a word C-I-A will be read as "cia".

When embedding a link in a post, it's more useful to describe the link, rather than just telling the reader to "click here. That way, colorblind users will able to find a link immediately without having to hover over it with their cursors. Flickr, Peter Talke Photography Practicing smart color choices is useful for a website with any kind of audience.

I don't know if it's a physical ailment or a mental block, but I'm just tired and I am done putting myself through things that exhaust me. I feel like I no longer want to prove myself. I have mentioned to a few of you about this but I don't know if you realise how serious it is. We had a chair lift put into my house about a month ago which was the cause of many tears and the final admission that this is how my life is going to be. With my decreased mobility and ability to do things, I need to rely on people more.

I even find it difficult to get change from my wallet when I'm buying something in a shop without breaking a sweat. For me, when I make plans with people, I need to prepare myself mentally and physically before I go through with it. The physical thing is obvious because I can't really walk anymore. I automatically need to veto a lot of places. The mental preparation is a different thing.

From some jock calling me a cripple and high-fiving his mates afterwards for making a thick joke to people actually slowing down their car so that they can shout something at me. And it's never a compliment. One night, a guy I was kissing stopped kissing me when he found out that my shark attack story was a joke, muttered something about "not scoring retards" and walked off.

I have put on a strong enough front for so long that I am sick of dealing with insensitivity and ignorance from strangers and people that I know. I actively decided a while ago that I will no longer make plans with people that bail on a regular basis. I put in a lot of effort when I do things and when it only takes you a quick text to cancel, it's kind of hard not to take it personally, especially when it happens so often.

I get that people are busy. We all have our own lives and yeah, we do need to rearrange things but I just want a bit more notice than that day because as I said, I need to prepare myself before I go anywhere.

I know that people have jobs, emigration, boyfriends, girlfriends, final exams, Christmas exams, other friends, families, theses, masters, hangovers, no money - I know people are busy and I'm not asking you to spend more time with me, I'm just asking you to not be so flaky when we do actually have plans.

I don't want to guilt any of you into thinking that I don't want you to enjoy these things - please, do. You're only young once. As all these doors open for you, so many are currently being closed in my face.


accessible kitchen design disabled dating

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