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Main · Videos; Dandelion dating sim endings in letters. We've outrun renewed inter fleeting to sweep drownings out. Whilst the waterloo i was battering circa. Dandelion - Wishes Brought to You - is a stat-based Otome Game made by the company Cheritz. Bittersweet Ending: The Wizard's ending, anyone? . Not a Date: In Jiwoo's route when he sees Heejung and Jisoo out together and she One Steve Limit: While no two characters have the same name, the game sure does. Unlike many other dating sims where character interactions steer the Dandelion is mostly focused on stat raising in order to pass game checks to While performing these activities, you may encounter characters to interact with. .. This is a rather difficult ending route to get, but is indeed possible. You'll.

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It took so many tries before I accepted that the first December event date I belive it was Dec 13th? I used Jiyeon as my secondary character for the 80 requirement.

Jiyeon does not work. Jisoo works, which I found on my final attempt. It has to be Jisoo, because he is involved in the Memory scene that starts you off on the bad end route. For Jisoo, 80 affection is 2 hearts. For Jiyeon, 80 affection is only 1 heart because he is a deceptive kitty player.

Bad End Memories and Reactions: There are a total of 3 extra Memories for the bad route. Basically a rehash of the scene where Jiwoo saw Jisoo and Heejung with the hotdogs, except that it was even less of a date. Oh Heejae, we all know what you really meant was that you wish Jiwoo had the right idea. No more mention of the Game or if anyone wins? On the other, it was a little dissatisfying after spending over 12 hours grinding stats.

Jieun's over the top royal coat stands out among the rest. The main song Yet I Can't Stay. Jiwoo has some traces of this due to awful treatment at the hands of his mother. If she was ugly, it would have ended after 5 minutes of being aired. Usually the main female character isn't ugly. The film might describe the woman as being plain-looking, but they actually use a really pretty actress. I Have No Daughter: In most routes, this is the conclusion to Heejung's and her mother's relationship.

In Touch with His Feminine Side: A few of the boys. Jiyeon is into fashion, Jiwoo has a great interest in romance novels and dramas, and when he opens up more Jieun confesses to being interested in make-up. Jihae and Jieun are both the product of one. Naturally, the kingdom isn't particularly pleased with either situation, but at least since Jieun's the prince he's viewed as being above criticism.

Jihae is not at all so lucky. Heejung with Jihae or Jieun would also count. Any relationship Heejung forms with the five guys would be considered this since the guys aren't exactly human.

When Jisoo complains about how 'gross' it is that Jihae and Jieun are so close and claims that he doesn't like guys, Jiyeon asks how that gels with that thing they did together one time when Jisoo got drunk. Jisoo doesn't just yell at him to be quiet but physically restrains him from saying anything further.

I've been wearing this cardigan for several years already I'm getting attached to it. All of the guys still retain their animals ears after turning human, and can still transform back into animals.

Jieun is extremely dependent on Jihae at the beginning of the game. In his backstory, it's revealed that he even knowingly allowed a woman to kill herself because Jihae had fallen in love with her and he was scared that she would take him away. He gets better over time.

In a different way, Jihae has also completely devoted his life to Jieun, and doesn't react well to the idea of being abandoned by him. Long Title Love Redeems: The Wizard's ending can be seen this way. The reason the Wizard created the game was because he was obsessed with Heejung, but by giving up all his memories and even risking his very existence in order to be with her, he's able to get a clean slate and be with the woman he loves, though neither know who the other is.

Made worse by the state of his little sister. Jiyeon also grew up without parents, so they are either dead or abandoned him. It's supposed to be a sad scene, but it's so corny. Heejung demands the boys wear hats outside so people can't see their ears. Naturally, they are all this. Besides Jiyeon , who knows exactly what to say to get what he wants, all of the guys are lacking in social skills and often avoid other people — especially since they are now in a world they never knew.

In Jiwoo's route when he sees Heejung and Jisoo out together and she protests that they aren't on a date. Technically, they were, but only because Jisoo insisted; Heejung was just perplexed by the entire situation.

Not Distracted by the Sexy: Try wearing a bikini while at the beach with Jieun. Even late in his route, he's invariably unimpressed. What are you doing? I understand that you're trying to cheer me up. Now, put on some clothes. When early on a route, a few of the other boys will also react like that, especially during fall and winter where they are mostly just puzzled why you would wear so little during cold weather.

Even when Jisoo sighingly tells her that Jiwoo's crush is older than him and so dense that she doesn't realise she's being courted Heejung still doesn't even consider that the girl Jiwoo likes might be her. She is also incredibly slow in realizing her own feelings in every singly route and it takes a lot of nudging by the guys to make her properly understand herself.

Older Than He Looks: And while Jiyeon doesn't look particularly young, he's certainly older than he acts. While no two characters have the same name, the game sure does like similar names: Lampshaded by Heejung during the naming cutscene where she questions out loud if their names are too similar and whether it might be confusing or not. When Jiwoo finds out that Heejung has never kissed anyone before, he offers to show her how.

Jiyeon 'rescues' her in time, but she isn't entirely sure what she thinks about the whole thing. All of the guys except Jihae, and to a lesser extent, Jiyeon. Jihae's the only one out of the five who gets a paying job not long after he becomes human, although he wasn't trying to get one he is just that pretty. However, it's not stated how much Jihae contributes to offsetting the expenses of adding five adult, human-sized men onto the food and utilities bill.

Jihae explicitly helps with household chores though, which is more than can be said about the other four animals. Jiyeon quickly becomes involved in criminal activities and scams money off of rich women by getting them to either pity him, or by flirting with them.

He generally hides this as much as he can, and after Heejung rejects a gift of questionable origin, he doesn't try to give her anything further. Please Put Some Clothes On: Heejung to Jiyeon, about halfway through Jisoo's route. At least he covered himself. One of the items you can find on the ground is a Dandetiger CD. Quest for a Wish: The entire reason all the guys are with Heejung in the first place. Clearly visible numerical ones displayed at the bottom of the screen during every 'normal' day.

Heejae is a perfectly nice guy, but Heejung never even seems to consider him as a romantic option. In fact, ending up with him usually means the player failed to properly romance one of the guys, leading to an Bad Ending. School Clubs Are Serious Business: Heejung always put a lot of effort into her art club because it was necessary to get into a good university, and then to get a good job.

When she admits that she'll start going more casually once she decides to take care of the pets, Heejae is quite surprised and disappointed. Though there might be other reasons Second Place Is for Losers: Heejung's mother believes this, even to the point of outright telling her that if you're not number one you're worthless. Due to the pacing, most routes have a romantic scene occur in the snow during winter.

So Proud of You: When Jieun lets Jihae go under the belief that he is too dependent on him and keeping Jihae from his own happiness, Jihae tells him how proud he is that he has grown into such a kind person. Stalker with a Crush: He's even called out as such by Jiwoo.

As per Korean tradition, the boys' names share a first syllable in common, as if they were all a family together. It might make it a bit difficult for Westerners to remember, however. Thinks Like a Romance Novel: Despite his haughty appearance, Jiwoo adores trashy romance novels.


Jisoo is a shopaholic, typically found browsing the shopping network and asking Heejung to buy him things. Heejung often comments and even snarks on Jiwoo's cheesy romance novels and soap operas He promised to stay by her side so she would never be scared or alone again. In his route, he tries to apply that logic to real life.