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The validation paper can be many people and build its culture of wine but i have met someone who wants one. While battling Goku, Jeice is still confused as to why Goku is still reading at 5, while still overwhelming them, not realizing Goku is bringing out his power in only the instant he attacks. Jeice trying to pose without the full Ginyu Force After Goku constantly dodges more of Jeice and Burter's attacks, he defeats Burter, knocking him unconscious, giving Jeice another chance to leave the planet.

Jeice fearfully leaves his comrades behind for Vegeta to kill them, against Goku's wishes. Jeice flees back to Frieza's spaceship in order to inform Captain Ginyu of the team's decimation. Captain Ginyu becomes aggravated at Jeice's actions, running away from the enemy, and he treats him rather harshly as a result. He accompanies Ginyu in confronting Goku, after Ginyu reads Goku's power Jeice comments on how it seemed weird.

Ginyu berates Jeice for relying too much on his scouter by stating that Goku is probably capable of suppressing his true power for when he needed it. Ginyu estimated Goku's power to be 60, as Jeice is in disbelief at the reading but Ginyu says he might actually have a worthy battle. When the battle between Captain Ginyu and Goku commences, Jeice remains on the sidelines as a spectator, apart from one instance when he interferes, stepping in and trying to help Ginyu by firing a beam at Goku, distracting him while Ginyu grabbed him.

This results in Captain Ginyu releasing Goku from his grip, warning Jeice never to meddle again while he is in combat, or he will get into deep trouble. Jeice then watches Goku use Kaio-ken to power up and is shocked as his power level increases even going pass Ginyu's power level. He then understands how Goku was able to beat him and his comrades as he calls the Saiyan a monster and is shocked when Goku exits the form and says he can go even higher than that.

When Ginyu calls out to Jeice, the latter catches his scouter and watches Ginyu injures himself and uses his Body Change technique to steal Goku's body.

Jeice without his scouter For the rest of his time, Jeice tags along with Captain Ginyu who is at this point in Goku's body. Jeice arrives along with Ginyu in front of Krillin and Gohan, who are surprised to see that Ginyu has switched bodies with Goku. After Jeice does some posing for a while with Ginyu, Goku arrives in Ginyu's body, still damaged. Ginyu in Goku's body asks Jeice to read his power level on the scouter, thinking it will be ,, but only goes to 23,, because of Ginyu not being able to use all of Goku's power.

As they quickly trade blows in Frieza's ship, Jeice manages to ram Vegeta into a ventilation shaft, he thinks he has gained the upper hand. Vegeta continues to toy with him before revealing to him how his strength has increased substantially. Vegeta annihilates Jeice in midair When reading Vegeta's power level , Jeice's scouter goes haywire and he breaks it out of frustration.

Not willing to accept Vegeta's strength, Jeice continues to attack Vegeta , only to get pummeled. Vegeta then relentlessly attacks, propelling Jeice into midair and brutally destroying him with the Genocide Breaker directly aimed at his face. Jeice begs for his life before being executed. After Jeice is eliminated, Goku expresses his disapproval of Vegeta's harsh behavior, but Vegeta quickly retaliates by reminding Goku why his conscience and emotions are weaknesses, and says that he did it to protect himself and the others.

Jeice on King Kai's planet In another instance exclusive to the anime , he and the rest of the deceased Ginyu Force members travel to King Kai's Planet and square off against the Dragon Team who were still training there. Jeice teams up with Burter again, though both are blasted into Hell by Tien Shinhan , where they fall into the Bloody Pond. They were invited by King Kai to test the strength Tien, Chiaotzu , and Yamcha had acquired through their extensive training.

Majin Buu Saga Main articles: Other World Saga and Kid Buu Saga Jeice shown in a prison cell with fellow villains after being impaled In a filler episode when Goku is in the Other World , Grand Kai informs him that Frieza and Cell have teamed up and that they'd all been trying to escape from Hell.

Jeice and the other Ginyu Force members tried to attack Goku simultaneously, but he defeats them all with ease and they fall into the blood pond. Jeice was defeated with a punch to the stomach. When Pikkon spins around creating a tornado-esque attack , he creates a whirlpool and the Ginyu Force is lifted into the air and they all fall into a mountain of needles, impaling them. Shortly afterwards, they all end up in a prison cell with bandages covering their wounds.

Jeice also viewed the battle between Goku and Kid Buu amongst fellow villains. Dragon Ball Super Main article: Dragon Ball GT Main article: He was eventually sent back with all the rest of the villains after being defeated.

Film Appearances Main article: They all run away after Gohan annihilates Frieza with a punch so powerful that he explodes. Frieza is also shocked that Goku was able to beat them all so easily.