Radio yskl de el salvador online dating

radio yskl de el salvador online dating

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What are you waiting for? Download this best Radio app El Salvador now! Do not look for more news, sports, football, electronic music, rock, pop, country, folk, Latin, rap and reggae. You don't have to worry about tuning in to radio stations in AM and FM frequencies. The best radios of all Salvadorans Here you can listen to the best radios from all over the Savior wherever you are. You can listen to the radios in the list: The punishment may be increased by one third of the maximum sentence should the offended party be the President or Vice President of the Republic, a Deputy of the Legislative Assembly, a Minister or Deputy Minister, a judge of the Supreme Court or Court of Appeals, a trial judge, or a justice of the peace.

Former vice president of El Salvador, Francisco Merino of the PCN Parotid de Conciliacion Nacional , invoked this law when he brought legal action against five journalists for insulting him even though he had been arrested for shooting a police officer. In perhaps a breakthrough change of editorial policy, on September El Diario de Hoy , traditionally the conservative supporting newspaper of the ARENA party, criticized the new Telecommunications Law passed in El Salvador against the wishes of almost every other party in El Salvador.

Attitude Toward Foreign Media For years, rebel forces included propaganda teams and actively enlisted often poorly trained journalists, media specialists, radio operators, and technicians. Particularly in rebel territory a person caught with radio equipment would be shot. Kidnapping was rampant during the civil war and not unknown even as of as a form of income.

Foreign journalists were as likely as not to be rebels who had little formal training in radio broadcasting but gained fame through the bravery of their forbidden, unlicensed broadcasting. Journalism continued to be a dangerous occupation in El Salvador, particularly if the journalist worked for a moderate newspaper or a television or radio station. The police reportedly attacked Edwin Gongora and Miguel Gonzalez, also of Canal 12, and Ernesto Rivas of El Diariode Hoy, beat them up, and destroyed their equipment in order to stop them from interviewing Roberto Mathies Hill, who was detained and accused of fraud.

The only death associated with journalism of late was the unsolved murder of Maria Lorena Saravia, a newsreader for Radio Corporacion Salvadorena. This single death was a far cry from the murders of over 25 journalists who were killed during the civil war. One could only hope that the relative safety of journalists at the turn of the millennium would be maintained.

To put things in perspective, since and the end of the civil war, there was a post-war crime wave in which murderers generally got away with murder. News Agencies El Diario de Hoy , the conservative full-service newspaper, also had a daily Internet presence and had worked hard in the late s to rid itself of its reputation as a conservative mouthpiece of the government.

In reaction to its reputation for being willing to present false news, the paper attempted to change the impression it has given the people of El Salvador.

On June 3, , for example, the Internet daily edition of this newspaper ran the picture of a Morazean farm worker on the cover as if to suggest that its old adversarial relationship with the leftist territories had disappeared. SV with an amazing "ultima hora" service designed to compete with the swiftness of radio news, in that national and international news appeared there in less than two hours. CoLatino or El Diario CoLatino claimed to be a completely independent newspaper that had news which was real, truthful or "actualidad," but one had to get through the first page of sports before reaching news articles.

CoLatino 's claim that the news was real suggested that El Salvadorans had been the victims of so much misinformation in newspapers that they continued not to trust the medium as they did radio. Its subhead was "Noticias de Verdad" which, of course, implied that it was different from other newspapers in that its news was true. Its Web site was divided into national, international, department, economic news, features, and sports. The policy change was attributed to David Escobar Galinda, university president, utopian, and deservedly famous poet.

Also worth mentioning were the following sources of news: Cecelia Medina Figueroa; Central American News , Salvadoran section; El Faro , a news service which offered up-to-date web reports on news, sports, letters to the editor, and music and which archived old articles; Diario Oficial , the official dissemination organ for legislative decrees.

They were made available by the El Salvadorean government and published in this journal. Since El Salvador is small and uses repeater stations, virtually all commercial radio stations can be heard in every part of the country. There is only one government-owned broadcast station. Because broadcast media does not suffer from the handicaps of illiteracy or costly access to the public, radio is the most widely used political medium in El Salvador. The ratio of radios to television sets certainly changed in the late twentieth century.

In there were an estimated 2 million radio receivers and only , TVs in the whole nation. Radio Cabal broadcasted programs of news, debate, political interest, information, and radio dramas aimed at the poor of San Salvador, but since it was linked with left-wing politics, even though it was not associated with any political party, the station had difficulty getting advertisers. Obviously, targeting the poor parts of the population limited its utility to advertisers. Radio Cabal had depended on donations from international sources, including Denmark to cover broadcasting expenses.

Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke MS , the Danish Association for International Cooperation, and Danida, the Danish International Development Agency supporting communication for development, backed the radio station both financially and with volunteers since the station's establishment in Of course both the openly operated station and the once secret station served as sources of information for and propaganda from the FMLN.

Most of the smaller stations focused programming on music rather than politics and news, but after the mid s, the news programming of smaller radio stations presented a range of political points of view including rebel material, music which had potentially leftist themes, and propaganda and news reporting.

The position of radio in was partly caused by the end of the civil war, but events surrounding the legitimacy of radio stations attested to the fact that all civil strife did not cease in Many years of civil war were succeeded by the peace agreement between the left-wing guerilla FMLN and the military-supported rule, and in the peace agreement led to a truly democratic general election with, for the first time, a broad spectrum of parties participating in the election.

In a dramatic contrast to the election, on December 4, , the Salvadoran National Civic Police PNC closed 10 radio stations and confiscated their broadcasting equipment. Juan Jose Domenech, president of ANTEL, the state agency with the responsibility of regulating broadcasting and telecommunications, gave the orders to close the following stations: Radio Sumpul might have been closed but in Guarjila, department of Chalatenango, citizens supposedly successfully defended the station from police action.

The zona oriental, Morazon, the home of Radio Venceremos, continued to be a stronghold of extreme political activity. Some of the radio stations there still announced revolutionary causes, espoused what would be considered extreme priorities of redistribution of land, and remained faithful to the old cold war adversarial stance.

Television As of , there are 8 television channels, 8 commercial stations, and 2 government-owned stations that presented educational programming during limited broadcasting hours. Perhaps more than any other medium, television had increased freedom of speech and access to information, as well as the opinions of a diversity of political organizations. TV news crews covered events, attended press conferences, interviewed, investigated, and reported elections results.

When the military, police, and security forces were accused of human rights abuses, TV crews covered these stories and interviewed those accused. Although, like Salvadorean radio, Salvadorean television stations could transmit over the entire small country, the higher cost of the hardware minimized the influence of the medium until late s.

Telecommunications services were provided by the public administration of ANTEL, the Administracion Nacional de Telecomunicaciones National Telecommunications Administration , Teledos, canal 2; canal 6, canal 12, canal 19; canal 21 and canal TV 12 called itself Canal Salvadoreno and its record for investigative reporting made it popular among those who fear continued misinformation from Flores's ARENA party government.

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radio yskl de el salvador online dating

Download this best Radio app El Salvador now! In perhaps a breakthrough change of editorial policy, on September El Diario de Hoy , traditionally the conservative supporting newspaper of the ARENA party, criticized the new Telecommunications Law passed in El Salvador against the wishes of almost every other party in El Salvador.

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