Triunfo del amor capitulo 146 online dating

triunfo del amor capitulo 146 online dating

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triunfo del amor capitulo 146 online dating

Val says that debt was already paid off. Val invites Leo to the office.

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Juan, Tere and Sab are enjoying a cup of coffe or cocoa by the bonfire and just talking about what is going on. Val informs JM that he might his tierra after all because the deal was not a legit one. As long as JM has the whole amount of money and give it to the judge the deal is off. Of course JM has the money and is going to give it back. I thought he bought the tractor and the seed with the money? Val asks JM to the building of the new milk plant.

He agrees with the condition that she talks to him every time he calls while she is away. They hug and kiss and then it looks a somber thought enters his mind. Val gives a very big reassurance hug. Val and Tizzy are already in Mexico City at the funeral home.

It seems they are cremating Iva. They are burning her. In the history of funerals this is the one with less people in attendance; only Val and Tizzy. Al is going to start a new life with his son and who know what the future holds for him.

Gabby is now convinced Al is really in love with Val. Lumi questions her mother about her origins. Lumy wants to know who her father is. Lumi insists and finally breaks Crissi. Crissi tells her daughter that one day she, Crissi, was doing laundry by the river and four drunken bastard raped her. Lumi is sorry to have force Crissi to tell her. Lumi has the best mother in the world.

Toledo informs Narda about the new developments and that the real killer is dead. Of course, Narda is not happy because she wanted Iva to pay.

In her opinion Iva got it way too easy. I agree with her. JM is working on the plans for the plant. Horny is at the school he has composed a song for the kids to learn the math tables faster.

He starts to sing and the children join in chorus. More talk about Iva between Tizzy and Val. Val is going to stay in Mexico for as long as Tizzy needs her. Tizzy thanks her and encourage Val to marry JM. Iva was the only thing standing between them and she is gone. Tizzy advises Val not to let her true love get aways the same way she did..

JM still working on the plans and he looks happy with the outcome. Dias Despues… Timo tells Horny that he saw Val returning to town. H is happy because that means his friend is going to be happy. Everybody at LC is happy Val is back. Lumi goes to see who it was. It is someone to see Val.

Everybody is in suspense. Who might it be? Everyone is surprised to see her. Leo expresses her most deeply condolences to Tizzy.

Tizzy very graciously accepts them. Leo is there to talk to Val. Val invites Leo to the office. Once in the office, Leo gives Val back the money she took from her. Val says that debt was already paid off. Leo wants Val forgiveness for being an ass. We know how that worked. Leo is worried that JM would never forgive her. Leo wants Val to take the money to make her feel better.

Despite being an actress with a short but substantial career, its simplicity and charisma beyond fame. Valentina has participated in productions: She is currently the star of the new series of the RCN A Mano Limpia, she plays a psychology student who arrives in a southern suburb, where you have to deal with youth violence. Anthony, wearing a pink T-shirt with blue jeans, left the jail at Neither Anthony nor Baez said anything to reporters and protesters gathered outside.

Since her acquittal on murder charges on July 5, Anthony was finishing her four-year sentence for telling investigators several lies, including an early claim that Caylee was kidnapped by a nonexistent nanny. With credit for the nearly three years she's spent in jail since August and good behavior, she had only days remaining when she was sentenced July 7. The case drew national attention ever since Caylee was reported missing.

Vitriol poured into social networking sites after the acquittal, with observers posting angry messages on Twitter and Facebook's "I Hate Casey Anthony" page. News helicopters briefly tracked the sport utility vehicle through Orlando's streets, but she quickly slipped from public view. Moore said there were no known threats received at the jail. Officials had a number of contingency plans in place, including plans in case shots were fired as she was being released. Before her release, law enforcement officials set up plastic barricades around the jail's booking and release center, and about seven or eight deputies wearing bullet-proof vests patrolled the area.

At least one officer carried an assault weapon. About five officers patrolled the area on horseback. She's been treated like every other inmate. The crowd included about a half-dozen, sign-carrying protesters who had gathered there, despite a thunderstorm that had dumped heavy rain on Orlando. Onlookers had varied reactions to her release. Outraged lawmakers responded by proposing so-called Caylee's laws that would allow authorities to prosecute parents who don't quickly report missing children.

And many still speculate about what really happened to Caylee: Was she suffocated with duct tape by her mother, as prosecutors argued? Or did she drown in an accident that snowballed out of control, as defense attorneys contended? Now that she is free, it's not clear where Anthony will stay or what she will do next.

Her relationship with her parents, George and Cindy, has been strained since defense attorneys accused George Anthony of molesting Casey when she was young.