Watch viva la bam dating don vito online

watch viva la bam dating don vito online

Viva La Bam is an MTV television series which followed Bam Margera and his crew as they . Lastly, Bam and his crew put Don Vito and Phil into a big plastic box and shoot random items into it by using a machine, As the evening approaches, Bam decides that Don Vito needs to bring a date and they try to find him one. With Bam Margera, Phil Margera, April Margera, Vincent Margera. As part of the festivities, Bam and his crew try to get Don Vito a date. Watch Now. Below is a complete Viva La Bam episode list that spans the show's entire TV run . Photos from Dating Don Vito May 02 - While Bam and Dunn are busy.
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Don Vito gets very pissed and yells at Tony Hawk ""No Don Vito continues to get annoyed at Tony Hawk for delaying their travel with his constant skate From Bam's list, April chooses reading stories to the elderly, giving Phil a haircut, and, with the help of Don Vito and April hears the commotion from the house and comes outside to yell at Bam. While April is yelling at Bam, Bam After seeing the cheap prices of the used cars, Bam decides to purchase four cars and bring them back to his 14 acre lot.

As Bam gathers his mail, the box collapses to the ground. Suddenly, Bam gets an idea to turn his Don Vito checks out the commotion. Bam goes up against Johnny Knoxville and Ryan Dunn in one of the nastiest, raunchiest, filthiest prank wars ever shown on national They are enjoying the newly installed pool table and jukebox. Don Vito, annoyed at the music that they are playing, proclaims that he can sing better After giving her his word they'd stay docked on a rented ship, Ape falls asleep and they set Mike Vallely guest stars.

But when the townships denies his request to do it, he decides to make his own little state. Like always, lots of cursing, Vito falls in and gets into one of his usual angry fits.

In doing so, he claims that bayous only exist in Louisiana, so Bam decides to go Nearly at the end, Vito has to go and ruin the whole thing. Later, Bam gets April and Phil another chance of having a great Mexico Apr 17 - On this episode, Bam, his family, and friends go to Mexico. Brandon and Vito stay behind to learn and teach spanish.

If Vito learns ten spanish sentences when they all come back, Vito gets to This is Bam's idea to treat Phil and April for their anniversary. The thing they don't know is that they are not alone. So, they decide to make a snow-race. Don Vito wants to join and is given a series of tasks to pay his dues. When they arrive in Vegas, Don Vito loses all his money from gambling too much and gets thrown out of a casino, gets a Heartagram tattoo, has his hair dyed blue by Bam, and is given a fake soul patch made from Bam's pubic hair.

After Phil is dressed up to look like Elvis, he and April get remarried next to Raab and his Russian bride. At the party in their hotel room, April provokes a food fight with wedding cake after stuffing it into Don Vito's face as revenge for eating all of her wedding cake many years ago.

While they're away, Bam and his friends paint the kitchen and everything in it blue. Next, they build a secret underground tunnel into Don Vito's house. Then, the boys steal April's car and convert it into a hot rod. Lastly, Bam and his crew put Don Vito and Phil into a big plastic box and shoot random items into it by using a machine, including honey, bacon, Corn Flakes, anchovies, money, worms, roaches and maggots.

Bam also gets a choir to sing Christmas songs for them while they play in the fake snow. In the end of the episode, he and Ryan Dunn decide to prank Brandon Dicamillo by filling his shoes with thumbtacks and wake him up by vacuuming his mouth "Rule 1: Once arriving, April becomes suspicious and decides to turn the tables on her son by leaving Bam and his friends on the island. They take up the challenge of staying on the island overnight, however, it starts raining and Bam ends up catching a cold in the morning.

They also build a makeshift ramp out of wood and duct tape, have Tim Glomb go skating naked, build a fort using wood to try to keep the rain out, fart during a game of poker with Don Vito who came back to check on them , use a fire extinguisher in Raab's face, burn a cake on accident, and eventually they escape from the island. The episode ends with a news reporter visiting April and telling her that her house has been blown up.

April finds out that the house is still standing and forgives Bam, and Bam forgives April. The hunt begins with Bam purchasing three banged-up used cars.

watch viva la bam dating don vito online